Ultrasound Therapy Jackson

Ultrasound Therapy Performed Near Jackson, NJ, Can Enhance Your Injury Rehabilitation

Ultrasound Therapy Jackson NJAt Advanced Physical Therapy of Freehold near Jackson, New Jersey, we offer ultrasound therapy to promote the healing of soft tissue damage, joint inflammation, and muscle spasms. Even though it shares the same name, the effects and goals of this type of ultrasound differ from those of the diagnostic imaging technique that is commonly used to produce detailed images of the body’s internal structures. With that said, both methods utilize the unique capabilities of high-frequency sound waves.

What is therapeutic ultrasound?

When used for therapeutic purposes, ultrasound therapy may stimulate the body’s natural repair processes to promote the healing of musculoskeletal injuries. While the precise way in which this occurs remains unclear, some scientists believe that ultrasound can potentially accelerate the body’s natural inflammatory process by attracting mast cells (a specific type of white blood cell that regulates the body’s inflammatory response) to an injury site. This in turn can lead to an increase in blood flow, which can be beneficial for tissue healing.

Additionally, ultrasound may stimulate the production of collagen, which is the main protein component of soft tissues, such as tendons and ligaments. As such, ultrasound therapy may further promote tissue healing and have a positive effect on the fibrous scar tissue that may form after an injury.

How is therapeutic ultrasound administered?

A medical professional will administer ultrasound therapy by moving a small metal treatment head, which emits an ultrasonic beam, continually over the skin for a few minutes. The intensity and frequency of the ultrasound beam can vary. Essentially, a lower frequency application can provide a greater depth of penetration, while a higher frequency dose may be appropriate for targeting a structure that is close to the surface of the skin. The treatment may be administered up to three times daily, depending on the severity of the injury being addressed.

If you are interested in adding ultrasound therapy to your treatment plan, contact Advanced Physical Therapy of Freehold to request an appointment at our center near Jackson, NJ.

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