Kinesio Tape

Kinesio Tape® Can Promote Injury Healing in Freehold, NJ

Kinesio Tape Freehold NJ

The use of Kinesio Tape is a form of injury treatment that capitalizes on the body’s natural repair processes. Based on the science of kinesiology, Kinesio Taping allows the body and muscles to move while promoting rehabilitation and recovery. The orthopedists at Advanced Physical Therapy of Freehold, NJ, use this therapeutic taping technique to treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, such as low back pain, joint conditions, herniated discs, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Our goal is to help injured athletes regain their full physical potential and health both quickly and safely.

While traditional taping methods can also be effective for injury treatment, these techniques work by constraining the muscles and holding them together tightly to prevent movement and further injury. In contrast, the sports medicine specialists at Advanced Physical Therapy of Freehold, New Jersey, may recommend Kinesio Tape to actually enhance a patient’s range of motion. More specifically:

  • The precise application of Kinesio Tape can promote lymphatic drainage by microscopically lifting the skin.
  • This lifting effect can increase the space between tissues that have become crowded due to inflammation.
  • The resulting increase in interstitial space can relieve painful pressure and promote the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid in and out of an injured area.

For injury treatment, Kinesio Tape offers a number of benefits over traditional tape. For instance, it is constructed of gentle cotton fibers and medical-grade acrylic adhesive, making it hypoallergenic, comfortable, and breathable. It is also durable, water resistant, and suitable for multi-day wear.

Of course, a comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis are key to the treatment of any injury. In order to achieve an optimal result from the use of Kinesio Tape, you are encouraged to consult with the experts at Advanced Physical Therapy of Freehold, NJ, where you can receive personalized advice and a fully individualized treatment plan designed to help you get back into the game.

Sprains, strains, fractures, oh my! Pain and impaired mobility are serious business, but there is hope. At Advanced Physical Therapy of Freehold, our professional therapists collaborate with physicians to provide care that alleviates pain, restores function, and gets you back in the game faster. We encourage you to learn more about our team — and what we do best.