Hand Therapy

Hand Therapy Can Reduce Pain and Enhance Mobility in Freehold, NJ

Hand Therapy Freehold NJHand therapy is a science, but it is also an art. The highly skilled hand therapists at Advanced Physical Therapy in Freehold, NJ, evaluate and treat a wide variety of injuries and conditions that can affect the forearm, wrist, or hand, such as fractures, lacerations, tendonitis, arthritis and carpel tunnel syndrome. Using a number of advanced therapeutic interventions, we bridge the gap between medical management and recovery, helping our patients achieve the highest possible level of function.

A hand therapist at Advanced Physical Therapy in Freehold, New Jersey, will begin by evaluating any specific hand issues that you may have before guiding you through the various stages of treatment. Your therapist will work closely with you to create an individualized hand therapy program, and then refine the program as necessary to help you recover as fully and quickly as possible. As part of this process, we may perform sport-specific analyses, as well as specialized ergonomic evaluations of your work sites, work stations, and any musical instruments you play.

Some of the specialty treatments that we may provide along with hand therapy include:

  • Wound and scar care
  • Pain management
  • Custom splint fabrication
  • Therapeutic taping
  • Joint protection
  • Instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy techniques
  • Manual therapy
  • Individualized strength and flexibility programs
  • Electrical modalities
  • Motor skill relearning
  • Sports- and musical instrument-specific therapy
  • Work simulation

Additionally, if you have a permanent arm or hand limitation, we can provide you with hand therapy techniques, education, and equipment to help you perform activities with more independence and less pain.

For more information on hand conditions and treatment options, contact Advanced Physical Therapy. You can request a personal consultation with a member of the experienced hand therapy team at our sports medicine center in Freehold, NJ.

Sprains, strains, fractures, oh my! Pain and impaired mobility are serious business, but there is hope. At Advanced Physical Therapy of Freehold, our professional therapists collaborate with physicians to provide care that alleviates pain, restores function, and gets you back in the game faster. We encourage you to learn more about our team — and what we do best.