Winterizing Your Fitness Routine: When and How to Bring Your Workout Indoors

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Winterizing Your Fitness Routine: When and How to Bring Your Workout Indoors

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As temperatures begin to drop, don’t let the colder weather derail your fitness regimen this winter. Sure, taking a walk or jog or going for a bike ride is far easier, appealing even, when the weather is pleasant. But exercise is necessary and beneficial year round. How will you stay active this winter? Consider the following options to winterize your fitness routine.Untitled design (15)

  • Bundle Up. Dropping temperatures don’t necessarily mean you can’t exercise outdoors, especially if it’s something you truly love. Invest in warm athletic wear, such as Under Armour. Try to schedule your outdoor workout closer to noon when the sun is at its peak. Push through the first ten minutes or so of your routine, and your body temperature will quickly rise. Still, there reaches a point where it is just too cold, and for those with certain medical conditions, that point may be at a higher temperature. Consult with your doctor to find out if you are healthy enough to exercise in the cold.
  • Build Your At-Home Gym. Fitness equipment can be found for very low prices at garage sales and on websites like CraigsList. Even just a few weights and resistance bands can be the beginning of your home gym collection. Such items are available at stores like WalMart or Target, or at sporting goods stores. A treadmill can be an excellent investment if you have the room to set it up somewhere in your home, such as the basement.
  • Gift Yourself a Fitness Club Membership. Gym memberships can be expensive, but your health is priceless! There are many different kinds of gym memberships available. Facilities with basic equipment like treadmills and weights are generally less expensive than bigger facilities with indoor pools and fitness classes. However, choose the membership that will serve your needs. If you know that the draw of an indoor pool will get you to swim several times each week, the extra expense will be worth it.
  • Switch Up Your Routine. If you are used to doing a lot of outdoor activities like walking, jogging, or bicycling, consider trying out some different cardiovascular exercises that are more conducive for indoor workouts. You can buy DVDs or stream episodes online of different at-home workouts that involve dancing, marching in place, and other forms of cardio. Bringing your workout inside might also be a great way to incorporate strength and resistance training if that was missing from your outdoor workout.

Consult with your medical professional before beginning any new physical activity. Request an appointment at Freehold Physical Therapy to make sure your body is fit for exercise, and to find out what kinds of exercises will have the greatest impact on your health and fitness.

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