Four Easy Exercises to Help Avoid Winter Falls

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Four Easy Exercises to Help Avoid Winter Falls

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Falling snow can be quite picturesque while looking out the window, warm next to the fireplace. But outdoors, the winter weather can be quite treacherous. All throughout the winter months, we move a bit more slowly than usual to avoid the risk of slipping and falling on ice. In addition to taking care, take action to strengthen your body and prevent your risk of falls by exercising. Here are some easy and gentle exercise regimens you can undertake that have been shown to reduce fall risk. Always consult with a medical professional before undertaking any new exercise regimen.


  1. This simple but effective exercise routine, when done consistently, can strengthen the legs and promote balance, giving you a firmer footing in slippery conditions. Walk outside at the park or around your neighborhood, or march in place while watching television.11019575_l
  2. If you are lucky enough to live in a community with an indoor pool, take advantage of this balance-promoting exercise. If you don’t know how to swim, consider taking a class at your local fitness center.
  3. Balance Exercises. The Mayo Clinic has recommends a series of whole-body toning exercises that promote balance. Balance and strength are the best defense against falls in winter conditions. If you are new to balance exercises, start off holding onto a chair or countertop to get accustomed to being “off-center.”
  4. Tai-Chi. This slow moving exercise may look easy and frankly, a bit strange. However, when done properly, tai chi is a strenuous, strength-building exercise routine. It has been found to substantially improve balance and coordination. Find a class at your local gym, community center, or join our classes here at Advanced Physical Therapy of Freehold. Call 732-720-2566 to secure your spot.


If you have concerns about your stability in winter weather conditions, request an appointment with a physical therapist today to learn what exercises and techniques are best for your body.

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